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The best games to workout your brain! – Today the trend to strengthen your neurons is to consult the famous and virtually renowned Dr. Kawashima. Without compromising his reputation or his technique, the price of his consultations remains high in these times of economic recession. Why spend your precious euros when free and efficient methods are at your fingertips. So if you are looking to “bench” your brain and challenge your friends, Clubic has many practical solutions to offer you! That is why we have prepared a folder containing twelve original free games that will put your thinking skills to the test. On the menu, a comprehensive benchmark reviewing General culture, calculating speed, reflexes, memory, visual acuity, stress management, organization, and deduction. In pain or relaxation, these playful and sometimes sadistic exercises will push you into your last entrenchments. Are you ready for the challenge? So choose your brain weapons, practice, and compare your performance on the Clubic forum.

  1. Cultic

Do you know the level of your general culture and that of those around you? Maybe it’s time to benchmark your performances with friends or family. In line with the trivial classics continues, Question for a champion and dictionary game, Cultix will make your brain work at full throttle. This free and light Nugget will subject you to several hundred original questions to challenge or validate. A scroll of red cubes will indicate each wrong answer. To find the exact answer, simply click on the grey triangle between the “true” and “false” buttons. Declined on 10 levels of difficulty, you will need to know how to answer various questions such as: the philosopher Spinoza was Portuguese, the sum of the inner angles of a triangle is equal to 180 degrees, a velocity is a fugitive intention not followed by action, the CID is a piece of Root, the Horsehead is a unit of power, the fossil human skull of Neanderthal was discovered in Switzerland, collects ancient cars? So practice, learn in a good mood, and measure your scores!

  1. Pengupop

Demanding speed, reflection, and stress management, the bobble Puzzle cultish me, well known to fans of puzzle games, is still relevant. If you want to measure your performances with those of the best players in the category, it is made for you. This free and portable opus takes over in a refined version, the concept that made the success of its predecessors. On the menu, thousands of bubbles to dislodge, combinations of angles to calculate, and of course, an intrinsic addictive side. In spite of simplistic graphics and music with missing subscribers, this pearl remains worthy of interest. Focusing on the essentials, this less than 2 MB executable will keep you busy for hours. You can practice solo before going online against anonymous competitors. Once you have completed your training, all you have to do is register on the publisher’s website to challenge the best players in the community. The cherry on the cake, you can look up your friends ‘ usernames for wild games. If you emerge victorious, red eyes, and fingers filled with blisters, you will be proud to admire your online scores. Clean and addictive, all you have to do is take up this new challenge!

  1. Mouse Reflex

Do you click faster than your mouse shadow? Do you have lynx visual acuity? To find out, Clubic offers to test your reflexes with. This free and fun game will challenge your visual automatisms while experiencing your speed as a mule. Your objective will be to detect on a pastel blue background, a maximum of small white squares and click them in record time. Rather painful and cruel, this short exercise will push you into your last corner. So do your best, use your mouse and try to beat the WilliamWoj record of 22!

  1. Quick math

Do you have good memories of your early school years? What activity has warmed up your little neurons, isn’t that math? With this in mind, we suggest you go back to the right old methods that have proved their worth on several generations of schoolchildren. With a few minutes of mental suffering and proper training, the game will restore some order to your suppressed memories. Yes, you guessed it, this little Marvel will plunge you back into hell with tables of multiplications, additions, subtractions, and divisions. Your mission, if you accept it, will be to complete in record time about twenty equations by judiciously selecting the right sign. Once you reach the end of the perverse test and if you are still alive, you will be able to contemplate your score resulting from the validity of your answers and especially your speed. So, here we go, test yourself and compare the velocity of your brains!

  1. SuperBrain

When some ask you for a hundred euros to maintain your neurons, Werner Freytag offers us free to rediscover under Mac the MasterMind cultish and classic created by Mordecai Meirovitz. SuperBrain (XXL and Widget) is a reflection game based on the same principle and available in three versions, simple, XXL, and Widget. As you will see on the screenshot, its interface takes us back to the detail, apart from the wood, in the atmosphere of the original game. Your objective will be simple but will require a good dose of reflection. A four-color combination will be hidden under a cache at the top of the structure. You will discover a maximum of ten trials. To find the hidden sequence, you will be given indications. The icing on the cake, the other two versions available XXL, and Widget will allow the mastermind surfers to raise the level a bit and the most addicted to making a quick game from the Dashboard. A classic of the genre to be rediscovered for free under Mac!