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Stretching is important! We’ll explain why.

You are not unaware, doing sports without stretching; it is the assurance of suffering for several days of aches. If you want your sports activities to bear fruit smoothly, don’t overlook the stretching after the effort.

Warming up and stretching is different.

It is often confused between warming up and stretching, and this is not without its risks. The warm-up is done before exercise and stretching after. As its name suggests, heating helps to warm up your muscles, to prepare them for physical exertion, to avoid sprains or snaps.

It is essential to warm up before starting the sport, no matter what game and its intensity. Just as it is necessary to stretch out after effort, that is to extend your muscles that may have contracted; when you stretch before a workout, the risk of injury increases. Then book them at the end of the session.

The benefits of stretching

If it is advisable to stretch after sporting activity, it is because they have many benefits. Provided of good make. A stretching session should be brief. It is not a question of continuing the effort, but of stopping it gently and promoting better muscle recovery. Each stretch should last only a few seconds and should be performed without force. Stretching helps to reduce the feeling of aching. But they can also increase it.

We need to find the right dosage. They can also improve your flexibility, but rarely perform miracles on that side. The main advantage lies in the relaxation that stretching brings. They prolong the effects of the release of endorphins, soothing hormones and give you a feeling of well-being.

Some examples of stretching

Sit down and make a round back with legs slightly apart, but well folded at right angles. Slowly, lower the upper part of your body to let it fall by blowing, arms swinging.

Start over a dozen times. For the legs, stand upright, with your back straight, and Flex a leg by stepping forward, slit, until the knee of the support leg touches the ground.

Alternate the two legs, taking care not to let you down, and in a series of 10. For the arms, stand upright with your back straight, raise your arms while holding your hands and try to unhook a cloud. Hold the position for 10 seconds and release.

Materials used for stretching sessions

For stretching, the weight of the body is mostly sufficient to allow stretching. However, content can be integrated to optimize or improve stretching posture:

Example support under the leg or arm by a foam ball will enable a person who is not flexible enough to place his or her hand or foot on the ground to feel the stretching through the ball.

A towel can also help to increase a stretch: for example, for the less supple to sit, to stretch the legs and to try to catch his feet is almost impossible, thanks to the towel passed behind the feet the person will be able to trace himself forward.

For the stretching of the posterior chain of the para-vertebral muscles, a roller (picot or smooth) will be useful to relax in different postures. Many other materials can be used in stretching support.