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Why are Pilates exercise good for your health?

It’s a safe bet that you have already heard of the Pilates method. This discipline, democratized in the 1980s in the world and created by Joseph Pilates has been able to win over an ever-increasing number of people, and more and more faithful!

And for a good reason, Pilates is a kind of mixture between yoga, gymnastics, dance, which involves a lot of Faculties of the body, but also of the mind. In France, the number of pupils practicing Pilates is estimated at 30,000 per year, which is substantial but, above all, a growing number.

But then why are we talking so much about this famous yoga Pilates? What are the effects and, above all, the benefits of this technique, which combines strength and serenity? That’s what we’re going to see here.

The principle of the Pilates method

Well, it’s nice to talk about a new technique of posture, a new discipline for stretching and breathing, while working on the mind, but concretely, what is yoga Pilates? A greeting to the sun? Iyana yoga? Muscle building?

None of this, and all of this at once! In short, The Pilates method is an alloy between body, mind, and mind, where we can practice different postures to make our organization more malleable and, at the same time, our mind more soothed.

During the session, it is then essential to focus on your breathing while performing Paris yoga postures and movements. The buttocks, the ABS, the hips, the back, all these parts of the body will then begin to be stressed, and, as a result, we will be able to work them to the best for an ideal cladding.

Concentration, flexibility, breathing exercises, full consciousness, all these terms are terms that can cling to the Pilates method, and each student must feel free to interpret them as best they can to explore the most beneficial effects for the body and the mind of course!

The beneficial effects, of course, but the important thing would be to know them, to control them, to best suit one’s physical condition, the lumbar spine, or even one’s musculature. That’s what we’re going to see right now!

Working flexibly with Pilates

Flexibility relieves the weight of the limbs, primarily through regular exercise and excellent physical condition, especially in the spine. The practice of yoga, if it also allows it, is not the same as the Pilates method.

The muscles and joints of my body are often strained because of stress or overworked daily life. The practice and chaining that Pilates offers seem to be a solution that has been found to soften my limbs while practicing a tonic physical activity, which works on my breath and allows me to work up at the same time.

And yes, using exercises, the exercises conditioned by the method of Joseph Pilates bear fruit. The creator of this technique practiced Gymnastics before embarking on this chain of movements and body dynamics, which allows for harmony and inner peace at the same time.

Being more flexible is a considerable, not insignificant asset that allows one to become aware of one’s body, gestures, and limbs. On the other hand, this flexibility is not the only benefit of Pilates; there are many others.

Reduce stress with Pilates

Another scourge of the 21st Century Is this bloody stress, which we can’t get rid of, but which we try to get rid of by all means. It is once again an opportunity to improve our lifestyle and our well-being that the Pilates method offers here, promising to drive away from this great nervousness.

Here, there is no need to be a beginner yogi or an expert in meditative practice to carry out the exercises initiated by Joseph Pilates. You just have to let yourself go to certain flexibility, balance your chakras, and deepen your full consciousness. Stress often results from bad connections in our thoughts, so we just have to get rid of it.

It is not wrong to get help from techniques, practices, and disciplines such as a good yoga session, but also and especially Pilates. For all levels, the stress rate will decrease by itself, thanks to a simple and effective practice for a better vitality supplement.

There is no need for a therapist to eliminate his daily dose of stress and nervousness if discipline can allow it. You just have to let yourself go, relax, and, also, sculpt and stretch. Because yes, Pilates also helps to tone up.

Work harmoniously with Pilates

So this is the miracle discipline that allows you to relax, reduce back problems, improve your attire, and, in addition to experiencing the flat belly and the abdominal belt? We have to believe that yes, it is, in any case, all the benefits that the Pilates method promises us.

Each exercise, if it is complete, brings to the muscles of the body a not inconsiderable asset: it stretches them. Pilates is an entire discipline on the physical plane; it is, therefore, all or almost all parts of the body that will be worked and put under tension, set to the test.

Better health also depends on an irreproachable physical form, in particular through our awareness and fitness, if we practice exercises well without chronic pain — a sort of gentle Gymnastics which, through Pilates exercises, allows immediate eligibility.

As we will have understood, the Pilates method allows us to enjoy a maximum of benefits for the body, the mind, and the mind. So, instead of practicing yoga, there is nothing better than testing this particular form that is Pilates! Come on, let’s give it a shot!