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The Roll Up

The Roll Up is the more difficult version of the Roll Down . Before doing this exercise, you should be able to do a Roll Down with control and mastery. Like the Roll Down, the Roll Up increases abdominal strength and articulation of the spine. There are two reasons why the Roll Up is more...


Stretch the buttocks

When a joint, particularly the hip or knee, has either degeneration or inflamation caused by arthritis there is typically a misallignment in the biomechanics of the region and as a result of this different muscles work too hard and others not hard enough. In nearly every case it is the gluteas muscles that are affected...


The ankle roll

The ankles, if restricted in movement can be the cause of many more serious injuries as limited movement in the ankles can cause a lot of other compensating fatigue injuries on other areas. The ankle roll is a very simple exercise that works the ankle joint through its range of movement and strengthens the supporting...


The pilates squat

The squat is a lower-body exercise  that weight trainers use for all round strength. The main emphasis is on the quads (upper front leg muscles or thigh) group, and the buttocks (gluteas), It also exercises all of the other major leg muscles as well as lower back too. The squat is often called “the king...


Prevent aching ankles

The ankles are pivotal to joint health because any lack of movement or pain that causes abnormal movement is multiplied up to all other joints that are consequently fatigued due to compensation for this irregular movement in the ankle. The ankle roll is a good exercise to use to ensure smooth movement through this critical...