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Hip Abductor Stretch

The hip abductor can become tight and restrict movement especially if in an occupation where you sit down a lot. The hip abductor stretch is will not only increase the range of movement in the hip (mainly external rotation) but it will also strngthen the supporting muscles. The stretch: hip abductor stretch start position Lay...


The pilates squat

The squat is a lower-body exercise  that weight trainers use for all round strength. The main emphasis is on the quads (upper front leg muscles or thigh) group, and the buttocks (gluteas), It also exercises all of the other major leg muscles as well as lower back too. The squat is often called “the king...


Hip rotator stretch

The pilates hip rotator stretch is used to ensure maximum range and strength throughout the whole movement of the hips. This stretch is basically the same as the hamstring stretch however there is more of a focus on the rotation of the leg rather than the loifting of the leg. Starting Position: Stand square to...