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Groin stretch

The groin or abductor and hamstring stretch is an easy stretch that can be done at home and is very good for increaseing the range of movement in the groin and can also help to ease pain caused by a troublesome groin. Starting position: Lay on the floor perpendicular to a wall with your buttocks...


ITB stretch

Iliotibial band syndrome is a common cause of pain from the knee, this is normally caused by a muscle imbalance from exercise done the wrong way or too much stress on particular muscle groups while recovering from other injuries. Pain from this area is basically caused by rubbing of this band, which is like hard...


A good starter for any routine – the squat

The squat is a fundamental exercise in any person that is doing weight trainings routine and rightly so, It is a great exercise to engage several muscle groups and provide all round strength. The benefits of the squat are not lost on those that are rehabilitating joints that have been degenereated by arthritis and any...


Basic Cat Back Stretch

The Basic Cat is one of the gentlest and simplest ways to stretch your back. You see cats making this movement in the morning when the and you can do it too! To begin, get on all fours. Align your hands beneath your shoulders knees beneath your hips. Allow your back to assume its natural...


Stretch the buttocks

When a joint, particularly the hip or knee, has either degeneration or inflamation caused by arthritis there is typically a misallignment in the biomechanics of the region and as a result of this different muscles work too hard and others not hard enough. In nearly every case it is the gluteas muscles that are affected...


Hip Abductor Stretch

The hip abductor can become tight and restrict movement especially if in an occupation where you sit down a lot. The hip abductor stretch is will not only increase the range of movement in the hip (mainly external rotation) but it will also strngthen the supporting muscles. The stretch: hip abductor stretch start position Lay...