The wall glute stretch

The wall glute stretch

The gluteas muscles or buttocks are often tight and the cause of discomfort as they have a very large job to do, stabilising the hip joint and providing the link between this weight bearing joint and the legs.

When there is any misallignment in the lower body or there has been a past injury the gluteas muscles normally wear the brunt of it and must be stretched like any other muscle after load.

Starting Position:

Lay on the floor square with the wall with one leg up the wall. It is normally good to wear clean socks so that the wall does not mark.
The back should be flat on the floor at the base of the spine
Have one leg straight up the wall.
Cross the other leg over the leg that is on the wall so that the ankle of it is at the knee of the wall leg.
The position of the ankle on the leg and the closeness to the wall should be so that there is sufficient stretch in the buttocks.
A hand can be used to hold the ankle in this position.

The Stretch:

Hold this position while taking 10 deep breaths.

This can and should be made more difficult when possible by moving further from the wall and bending the wall leg at the knee, this can then be further adjusted by moving closer to the wall again.