Hip rotator stretch

The pilates hip rotator stretch is used to ensure maximum range and strength throughout the whole movement of the hips.

This stretch is basically the same as the hamstring stretch however there is more of a focus on the rotation of the leg rather than the loifting of the leg.

Starting Position:

Stand square to a wall with a flat surface about hip height strong enough to hold the weight of your leg.
Place your left leg up on the object with the foot in a vertical allignment.
Ensure that your hips are vertically alligned properly and stomach tight to force correct posture.

The Exercise:

Take a deep breath.
While exhaling slowly rotate your whole leg so that the ankle turns anti-clockwise to the end of its range. The anti clockwise movement will rotate the hip externally for the left leg.
Hold the position and take another deep breath.
While slowly exhaling rotate the leg further, you can use your hands to increase the amount that the leg rotates.
Repeat this until you have taken ten breaths.
Repeat the above rotating clockwise. This will have the same effect for the internal rotation.
Repeat for the right leg, obviously this will mirror the stretch for the left.