Groin stretch

The groin or abductor and hamstring stretch is an easy stretch that can be done at home and is very good for increaseing the range of movement in the groin and can also help to ease pain caused by a troublesome groin.

Starting position:

Lay on the floor perpendicular to a wall with your buttocks approximately 30cm from the wall.
Place your legs up the wall, straight at the knees and as wide as is comfortable.
Point your toes outward.
Ensure that your lower stomach muscles are tight with the lower back flat on the floor and hips forward.

The movement:

Do this exercise while breathing slowly and deep.
Slowly flex and extend your ankles while gradually widening youe feet on the wall.
Widen the legs when extending the ankles and do not push past comfort.


Wear socks while doing this stretch to make the movement easier and so the wall does not mark.
Make sure that the small of your back is flat on the floor.
There is a possibility that this stretch could cause shooting pains in the legs or knees, This could be caused by a sciatic nerve problem. If this happens you should stop immediately.