Rolling like a Ball

Rolling like a ball is often a “warm up” type exercise however it is an exercise that can easily be done at home because no equipment is required and it has great benefits.

Balance, control and spinal massage

Visualise making the shape of a ball with your body

Ensure your mat is well padded for comfort. Stop the exercise if there is any lower back discomfort

If you are a beginner or have a stiff back, try placing your hands underneath your thighs rather than on the front of the ankles. This allows greater freedom of movement.

1 Sit tall, with your shoulders over your hips and your legs in front of you, with your knees bent and your hands holding on to the front of your ankles. Draw your naval back behind your hips, tucking your pelvis and creating a lengthened letter C from the tip of your head through to the base of your spine (this position is called a C-Curve). Lift your feet off the floor and lean back holding a point of balance behind your tailbone.

2 Keeping your eye line on your pelvis, breathe in as you roll back on to your shoulder blades, maintaining a C-Curve and keeping your shoulders, neck and head off the mat Keeping your feet off the floor, breathe out as you roll back up to the start position (The tighter you keep your heels towards your hips, the more intensely your abdominals will work to bring you up).


To challenge yourself even further, complete the exercise with a stability ball placed in the crook of your ankles.