Pilates for Arthritis

Pilates can help people with arthritis in many ways. It reduces joint pain and stiffness by increasing flexibility, muscle strength, cardiac fitness, and endurance. It can also help with weight reduction and contribute to an improved sense of well-being. Pilates can be a part of a comprehensive arthritis treatment plan. People with arthritis may be less fit, weaker, and less flexible and have more pain than necessary.

Pilates can help to:

Reduce joint pain and stiffness by increasing joint mobility
Improve flexibility, muscle strength and endurance
Help help keep your weight under control by building lean muscle tissue
Assist with an improved sense of well-being

Pilates is a great benifit to arthritis sufferers because –

The range of motion/flexibility/stretching exercises help to maintain normal joint movement and relieve stiffness. This type of exercise helps maintain or regain lost flexibility.
It strengthens and conditions muscles. This helps to keep or increase muscle strength. Strong muscles help support and protect joints affected by arthritis.
When combined with aerobic or endurance exercises will improve cardiovascular fitness, will help keep weight in check. Keeping weight down is important to arthritis sufferers as extra weight puts pressure on many joints. Studies show that aerobic exercise can reduce inflammation in some joints.