Basic Princilples of Pilates

Before commencing any Pilates it is important that the basic principles of Pilates are understood. Joseph Pilates called it “the powerhouse”.

Centering or core stability is achieved by engaging the deep postural muscles which support the spine.

This involves the transversus abdominis (deep lower abdominals), Pelvic floor (urethra in men, muscles of the vagina in women) and deep back muscle multifidus.{mosgoogle}

Transversus abdominus is the deepest of the four paired muscles in the abdominal wall. Contractions of these circular muscles reduces the diameter of the obdomen and pulls in the belly.

You can feel the action of the transversus by putting your hands around the sides of your abdomen and coughing.

The contraction is very subtle and gentle in action. Cues that help you stabilize correctly are:

  • Navel to spine
  • Scooping (in and up)
  • Draw the muscles toward the spine (area below the navel between the hips

It is important to understand core stability as it is fundamental to Pilates.